It’s Time!

Recently I watched a movie, called “In Time”, starring Justin Timberlake. In the futuristic movie humans through genetic alteration stop aging at 25 and then life begins to count down for another year. Time therefore becomes a form of currency; they work to earn time and life essentials cost time.  The count down continues as time passes until they ultimately are out of it and in the ghetto  there is not much to go around.

 Justin plays a man called Will Salas who helps a stranger, Hamilton, with plenty of time, over 100 years of it. Hamilton explains that there is plenty of time, but it is stockpiled away for the rich to be immortal and also that he has lived so long that he no longer desires to keep on living.  Will goes onto describe what he would do if he had that much time.  The next morning Will wakes to find Hamilton gone and that he himself now has over a century of time. He lookes up. In the dust on the window scribed are the words – “Don’t waste my time”.

 Put yourself into that situation and imagine for the moment that you have 100 or even 50 years up your sleeve.  You have somehow just gifted yourself more time – yes, yourself! Would that inspire you some way?  Would you act? Would you stop procrastinating? Would you look for a cure, strive for better living conditions, read that book, write that novel or create that masterpiece?

Many have a fear of starting things as it is too late in their life and sometimes that is the only reason they give up before they begin. Even hearing stories of 90 year olds getting a University Degrees doesn’t motivate them to doing something less dedicated. Are you one of these people?

 I know people who beleive that they should, “Put off today that which you can do tomorrow”, but why? I say “Don’t put off ‘til tomorrow that which you can do today”. If you begin it now then you can start a new adventure tomorrow. Life is ongoing, with room for many experiences. Only WE limit what we do in this lifetime.  We put up barriers and use excuses. I’m too old, too young, physically unable, haven’t got enough money, too skinny, too fat. They are merely excuses! I am sure there are limitations in some circumstances but there are also creative ways around most of them.

 Just because it has been done one way in the past by others, it doesn’t mean it should always be done that way and especially by you. Find your creative streak, don’t look for limitations, always look for solutions. Once you start on your journey, signposts will pop up to show you the next step forward. You only need to be open to them, they can be very subtle or quite obtrusive. The key is to start. Be creative and do it your way; like no one else has done before – be a pioneer in your own right, of your own world.

And remember – It’s not my time you are wasting…’s yours!


Bump in the Road

Earlier this month, I awoke with a strange sensation in my knees and put it down to how I was laying in bed.  At work as the day progressed, I found it difficult to manage the stairs and by the end of the day I could barely stand. I managed to get to my car and thankfully driving was less painful, so I got home without incident.

 The next morning I found it hard to stand and walking was unbearable. I knew within myself I had to keep off of my feet, yet find out what was happening to me. With assistance made it to see my GP and tests were arranged.

 I thought back to the day before my knees failed on me to pinpoint what may have been the trigger. The day was filled with events that separately were insignificant, but the culmination of them may have been enough to generate the crisis.

 X-rays of both knees showed osteoarthritis and the MRI of my right knee, which was swollen, showed a small bakers cyst and effusion.  My GP explained all of my options which included physiotherapy, cortisone injections and arthroscopy. Total knee reconstruction being required in most cases like this down the track. I made up my mind well before she had finished talking. I want a chance to heal without surgery or other invasive techniques. 

 Being as health conscious as I am nowadays, I am opting for what I see as the most natural way to heal. So now I am under the guidance of a health care professional. I am learning how to strengthen muscles that are essential for knee support and currently not being optimally utilized. I am exercising daily and also taking high quality supplements to rebuild that which is damaged.  I am boosting the results with self-healing along the way.

So ultimately I am learning new ways of looking after No 1, as well as being patient with myself. Even if I have to look at the other options again in the future – my intention is to be well again.


The word commitment popped up for me several times this week. This triggered emotions that went as far back as my early childhood. As a result of processing through them I now have a new level of awareness.

There have been many periods of my life where I have been committed to various people and even organizations. Be it marriage, family, children, friends, employers and even to paying loans on time, all being given a great deal of commitment on my part.

I also realise that kids grow up, friends move on, jobs change and even marriages end. I am now at a time in my life where I notice these old patterns and as I look in the mirror at my aging features I realise I have done it all back to front.

Out of all of the people I have been committed to in the past, the one to get the least amount of attention was me. Sure I did the basics, because whether I was conscious of it or not, I still breathed, ate, bathed etc as part of my autonomous programming.

I wonder how many people choose to change their life for the better daily. Things like eating for health, giving up habits like smoking and alcohol or just looking after aching knees. And not just making the choice but consciously following through with action.

It never dawned on me to show myself the same level of commitment and nurturing that I did to others. Even after reading a multitude of books and learning different healing modalities that emphasized the importance of self love, I still didn’t hear the message behind the words.

Wow, if only I had accepted the truth to put myself first years ago, I would have been in such better condition to look after others. Not to mention the benefits of loving No. 1.

Alas, that is all in the past and what matters is what I do from this moment on. I now have the desire to change. It’s time to put this new found awareness into practice and start the journey of self-love and nurturing.

Thus a new chapter begins.

Hello World

I have been putting this off for months, but now I begin. I have no expectations of anyone out there in blogging world to read or respond to any of my posts. I choose to write for me, but if anyone chooses to follow what I write about, I welcome you now in advance.

Life is an emotional journey and I write about my own, through my ever changing beliefs and desires. This is my way of documenting MY journey. Although my beliefs may be a bit out there to most, I am not alone. Only my interpretation of them is unique, just as we are all unique.

Our fears are so unwarranted, but we cling to them with every fibre of our being at times. Action! Fantastic word – Nike had it write all along (no quoting as we all know the sloggan). They say it is always darkest just before the dawn. Well world – the dawn has come for this individual. The light grows ever brighter.

I am finally here.

Welcome and Hello!!