Holistic Growth

Over the past few weeks I have taken time out from writing to read and learn. Also during that time I have been observing my behavior and that of others.  I find it a great way to view the changes within myself.  I have been noticing the interactions and reactions of other people in ordinary situations. I see in them the way I would have responded or reacted in the past and through that I see my areas of growth. I get strange looks from others when I don’t react in a predetermined manner.  It’s quite eye opening.

 One of the really noticeable areas is when I speak up for myself or make my own decisions, which people who know me would think out of character as I used to just go with the flow. The one thing I have learned from having various allergies is that we all have the choice of what enters our body through our mouth and even through the pours of our skin through the application of products. For me choosing the healthy option at a restaurant or even choosing not to eat out is the norm, mainly because I know what goes into my cooking and it tastes better as well. I have also taken it upon myself to find out more about the ingredients in common household products  – what they actually are in layman’s terms.

 We can all be complacent about looking after ourselves whether it is physically, mentally or spiritually. Some people chase spiritual growth which in turn teaches them to change their mentality. Some may change their diet too but what about the chemicals that one puts on the body. Who thinks twice about the shampoo they use, or the soap, deodorant and even the water? Food can be full of preservatives and additives the same way our general grooming products can be full of chemicals.  The skin is our largest organ and normally gets the least bit of (useful) attention. Casually people plaster it with make-up, talc, aluminum based deodorants, soaking themselves in chlorinated water and who questions the additives in normal drinking water?

 I am only here to hopefully create some curiosity. If you one who is after “enlightenment” then strive to be enlightened on the truth of the foods you eat, the chemicals you are absorbing and other things you ingest like pharmaceuticals. Then you can make an informed decision to continue making the same choices or not. What is the point of nourishing your mind when you don’t look after the vessel that is your body? Why wait until you are ill or have an allergy? Put the knowledge you have gained into practical application within your life.

Focus on a holistic approach! Look at you as a whole. Nourish yourself on all levels – then there will be true growth.


Thought of the Day #2

“I choose to be HAPPY becasue it is good for my HEALTH” Voltaire

Thought of the Day: #1

Sacraficing myself to love another is not loving to myself or the other.