I am!

For most of my life I felt like I didn’t fit in or that I was different, a little lost at times as well. Everything I got excited about I ended up losing interest in. There was always someone better than me, more talented or had more pasison. These were my excuses, along with procrastination. A friend of mine said to me “we procrastinate when we aren’t living our life’s passion/purpose”. We can all use the excuse that we don’t know our life’s passion or purpose and this in itself can be what holds us back.

What if our main purpose in life is to find the answer to the question “Who am I?” I believe this is the quest we are all born with but somewhere along the way it gets buried deep within us, lost and forgotten. The choice itself to know ones-self is the catalyst which brings forth various means and tools to achieve this. All one needs to do is make a commitment on a heart/soul level to ones-SELF, choose the means or tool and the journey begins.This is when the world opens up the door and life truly begins, our gifts are made apparent one by one. The ultimate journey that only you (along with God) will ever be Masters of. Who out there is ready for a commitment of this magnitude?  The commitment to SELF.

I am.