Amongst the Silence

Yesterday I was given a message to “hang in there” and I guess this post is a result of that. It is confirmation that even though this page has been idle for a few months, a spark of creativity can come at any moment…

Sometimes we need to sit in the silence to notice that things are not always still. Reflection, contempation and even just relaxation are what one may need at that point in time. The time to look at self in a tranquil place before setting out on that next great adventure. Some people sit in the silence and forget that it is only one part of life, we are here to experience and if we are truly still within we don’t need to remain in the silence. If we are internally still it is then but a pause: In yoga is it the pause between breaths and in Tai Chi it is the settle between movements, even Tao has a name for it. It is that brief moment at the end and prior to the beginning – the moment of silence to acknowledge the grace of our creator and that of our own greatness. The moment when we feel our own completeness and the interconnectedness to all that there is.

It is a place that some people either skip over, hurry through or blatantly avoid. I know as I have done it, have you? In this busy, disposable world it is up to each individual to slow down, be patient and feel the pause and all that it offers. Why rush? Life is about the experience between birth and death. The pause is also there to be experienced – but not a separator but rather a part of the whole.

So take a breath, feel the pause and remember to live!