Trust in the Benevolence of the Universe

Quite a while back I wrote about manifesting one’s reality and even though I haven’t re-read what I wrote, I do know that I didn’t put everything into it. There are plenty of books out there on the subject already and most of what I know comes from some of them – along with the knowledge that I am a “creator”.  We are all creators, whether we realise it or not. It’s also about trusting in something greater than yourself.

Once you learn to trust you gain faith. Faith is something you build on. It’s also about being grateful for what comes into your life and how we react to it. Every event that comes our way is a learning opportunity and if we get bogged down in fear or self pity then we draw to ourselves more of the same. And that is coming from experience. Be aware of what you wish for as there is no doubt you will get it and that isn’t necessarily going to be what your mind thinks you asked for but what your heart is capable of attracting.

I have been reading a lot about false beliefs and I have realised how many I currently have. How am I meant to attract good stuff into my life while my belief system is clogged up with all of this nonsense! Interestingly enough, minutes after of asking this question of the universe I was given the answer “Book”. I didn’t quite know what it meant and then later that afternoon I picked up the book I was half way through reading and there was the answer. YES!! (Add another notch to the faith-board).

It is as simple as that! Ask, be open, don’t have any expectation of how it will come through and let it go. Don’t forget to be open to the reply and don’t be surprised when it comes through instantaneously. Like me you may not understand the answer in that moment but the answer will be there – like for me to pick up the book.

I hope that inspires you to chase your dreams as they are wishes and wishes do come true.

And to the Universe, “I am ever so grateful and I thank you.”


Yes I Am Back! (wordpress I love you)

Hello to all of you who know the story of why I haven’t been blogging for a while. It was one thing to lose my email account and another to stuff up my wordpress access. So if I am quiet for another few months then it is probably because I have done it again.

As you may notice, I have changed the site name as well as the tagline (intro) hopefully for the better.

Along with that I will be changing the format of my blogs slightly to something more upbeat – well hopefully.

My life has been quite a ride over the past 3 months and even though I may attempt to write about it, it will never be as interesting as it is while it sits inside of my head. That may sound strange but I am sure some of you will know what I mean. Some things just don’t convey well into the written form (that is my excuse anyway).

Also to my dear friend and mentor “I hope you are ‘Laughin all the way” on your holiday”.

And to birthdays that I have missed – I have been in another timezone, really!

That was just to prove it is me here…whacky as ever but still loveable.

Hugs and kisses.