Emotional Processing – My Journey

My journey began by wanting to live a life without pain as doctors were not providing the answers. As a large part of the population follows some form of belief system or religion, I too was one of these. As I child I was raised as a Roman Catholic and even went through all of the rituals and rites of passage as required by the church. I believed in God from an early age, my mother shared her beliefs and faith in God, Jesus and the Holy Trinity. In my early 20’s I was finding something didn’t sit right within my heart with the Christian religions so I turned to Metaphysics and the teachings of mystics and Eastern Religions. While this felt comfortable for many years it too found me asking if this was the real way to God as something seemed to be missing.

 In 2009, now in my 40’s, I re-evaluated my life and saw how morally degraded I had become and also the large amounts of pain and suffering that I experienced daily. I didn’t like the person I had become so I prayed as I did when I was young; I prayed for a way to end the pain. A few days later my prayers were answered when I met a healer who later became one of my best friend. I attended a few healing sessions and began to clear the unhealthy baggage that I had accumulated and the pain began to lessen. Also during this period I began finding other information on becoming healthier through diet and I explored Veganism which helped me shed the excess weight I carried around. 

I started feeling better within myself and tried out other forms of healing and even learned a few modalities which taught self-healing. So now I was healing myself along with seeing the healer. The conventional methods out there in the world weren’t making me feel any better about myself internally even though my physical world was becoming pain free. To me affirmations only helped while I was saying them and even though for some people this may work wonders it wasn’t doing anything for me. I could still feel the ‘yuk’ that I had in me and I was still as scared as ever of certain things whether imaginary or real. So that night I prayed for an answer and then let it go.  A few days later during my next healing session I began talking about fears that I had about moving forward in life. I told the healer that I had prayed to God about living a life without fear. This statement changed the whole session. The questioning, the prompting and my responses were all different.  Something changed in me; it was as though a switch had been turned on. As I was getting ready to leave at the end, she took my hand and asked, “Do you really want to know how to live your life without fear?” I looked into her eyes remembering my prayer and in complete honesty I replied “Yes.” She loaned me a DVD that I took home and watch over and over. Here was something that was at the time so way out there, but at the same time made more sense than anything I had ever heard before. I phoned her with questions and instead of answering them she loaned me more DVD’s and the information filled in the gaps. In one of the DVD’s it said that I didn’t have to believe the content but to give it a go for 6 months. I was so excited about the information that I was prepared to give it my all. Luckily I had plenty of time on my hands and it became my major focus in life. 

That experience led me to believe in the power of prayer and I have never looked back since. I prayed to one day live without fear and I had found a way of achieving it. This system of life principles can deliver just that. It is such a simple system, a child can understand it. As simple as it is, it does not make it easy. “Take the road less travelled as it is the only road to the Kingdom of Heaven.” Sound familiar? My journey on the Divine Love Path started in 2009; it is and has been the best ride of my life. Up until then I had been living my life through the conditioning of my surroundings, my parents and the world at large, all adding another degree of pain to the equation. Also, my fears were mounting and my values were less than virtuous. I lived in shame and guilt due my decisions and if it was not for the desire of wanting to release the great burden which I had placed on myself I would still be living a life of adultery and self-destruction. I know this system works and those around me have seen and felt the changes within me. Each day I become more aware of who I am – as that is also one of my desires now – to love myself. It is the greatest lesson I will ever learn! I choose to do it with the help of the only one out there who can help me and that is God! Through my prayers she answers me by bringing people into my life that challenge and inspire me. I encourage everyone to gain the desire to know the Truth as God sees it and to hear the original message he sent through Jesus. Have the desire to live your life without fear and learn what life was truly designed to be – full of joy, pleasure and bliss.


Dealing with Anger

Recently it was suggested that I write as a means of venting anger and to write anonymously. I am now going to say that I am not going to do that and why. 

By venting anger that is aimed at anyone else through written form or physical expression I am projecting anger rather than owning it and I am also avoiding my law of attraction due to my fear of being criticised.  I see the venting of anger anonymously firstly as going against the principles I follow and secondly as a form of blaming others for the way I feel or for the way they may make me feel: I am ultimately living in the fear through avoidance rather than by facing it head on and dealing with it. 

By being honest and expressing myself to others without a fear of repercussion I allow my law of attraction to bring the event that will trigger the emotion that I am trying to avoid. By saying that, I am not referring to yelling at people! I should be able to express my beliefs and how I feel about certain events without doing it in a way that will avoid the one experience that can help me face the fear and any other emotions that the fear is masking or suppressing. It is the avoidance of these emotions which has led me to this point in my life and if I follow the principles I live by  it will be the quickest way for me to grow. I also see this as being the best way to show others how this system works. 

I am not saying that letting anger out isn’t necessary, however, I am saying that projecting anger at someone or something else is harmful to yourself and the others involved. The way to release the anger is to express it in a way that doesn’t blame/harm the other(s) involved, which includes self. It is about sensing the anger within oneself in the moment, when it starts to surface. Now keep focusing on the anger rather than on the person or event that has triggered it. This initially may not be easy for some.  Allow the anger to fester and surface further by becoming aware of how it is makes you feel there and then, this allows it to come up to its full extent and depending on its intensity may even need to be expressed vocally or even by striking out (at thin air or an inanimate object without the intention of destruction). Heck, have the temper tantrum that your parents didn’t allow you to have when you were little. To me the technique of emotional processing is the release of emotion through the expression/experience of emotion in the moment. 

Most times we are not even aware of what our true emotions are and when we mask and suppress them by minimising, denying or explaining them away we are reinforcing the years of social conditioning which has led us to be this way. The first step is to have the desire to grow that is strong enough to help you to be humble enough to realise that the truth is still out there – then new information like this will become available to you to experiment with. You don’t have to believe it when it comes to you, but why dismiss it without giving it a fair go?