God: My Personal Guide & Teacher

It is really amazing how I grow the most when I stop fighting life.

I pray for the love and guidance of a personal God, one that I can develop a relationship with. A relationship where I don’t try to control anything, I let it all unfold naturally. I allow my body to shake and shiver as I focus on the unpleasantness and also allow the grief, for it’s only an emotion. And what better still is when I pray in repentence for my own unloving behaviour towards myself, others and God.

For she is all loving and waits for my love in anticipation and continues to love even when I don’t. It is only my unlovingness that breaks our connection, my inner turmoil through fear and self punishment. For what do I truly know about love if I can not love myself the way God loves me.

Yet I am young and I am still learning and desire to do so regardless of how wrinkled I get physically. My soul is fresh and growing in the most holiest way by receiving Divine Love through earnest longing and humility.

Little by little until eventually I transform into that which only comes from my personal relationship with my own true parent, my creator – God. This is my soul’s desire and aspiration, one that creates life without fear! I know it’s possible, let’s call it faith as I have felt her love and his character and it is not something that is commonly known.

So you can believe you are God or have God within you, but if you use logic and your heart combined, it makes perfect sense that God is a being that you can develop a relationship with. I have heard it said that God is like the wind: logic helps you see his effects and your heart helps you feel her presence.

Wash off the mud that creates your blindness and closes your heart. Open yourself to God’s love through humility, prayer and faith…maybe then you will see the truth with your own heart, mind and eyes.

Hmm… it makes perfect sense to me.