The Road Less Travelled – A Bitter Pill to Swallow

I reckon The Matrix movie originally had 3 pills – there was one that presented the whole truth but they got rid of it because it looked too big to swallow.

Even before that movie I’ve felt that I didn’t fit into the “conventional” world and it’s been a constant internal struggle over whether there is more to life. The irony of it all is that even though the I see proof that our human existence is based on misinterpretation and lies, I am hesitant to step outside of the conventional world. It is scary to take that seemingly big step to a life without fear, especially when fear has dominated my whole life.

Enlightenment seems to be the goal for many. I’m told it is a most beautiful state and the pinnacle of our original design. Yet now I am finding it is finite in its totality and only a stepping stone to our greatest potential. A potential that not many know about or even wish to partake of as it will require learning how to relinquish control.

It involves trusting something outside of ourselves and to trust someone who knows us better than anyone else! The only one who knows the whole truth; the one that most of us have no desire to strike up a relationship with or even ask to be shown that truth. It seems much easier to do it the hard way and to accept truth and knowledge that’s readily accepted rather than to find it for ourselves.

For three years I have been sifting through the information and playing it safe while avoiding the one thing I hoped for the most – to let go of fear! So today I make the choice to finally act. I’m stepping through the open gate of the cramped narrow winding path ahead of me.

So I ask, if you believe you are on the narrow path yet when you look around and notice thousands or possibly millions are there with you or have already passed that way before – then stop and think about it – are you truly on the “road less travelled?”