Having Your Cake and Eating it – Or Choosing Something Better

“To truly have your cake and eat it is to let go of the idea that you need to have your cake and eat it.”

I have noticed people have gurus and search for answers outside of themselves because they aren’t prepared to accept help from the only Being that knows them better than anyone else. They don’t even acknowledge that this Being is real or that they can have a relationship with him&her. Either through fear or through ignorance due to choice based on their current beliefs systems. They hold onto untruths due to what they have been told throughout their lives or read from some ancient out-dated manuscripts, charts and ways of life. These same manuscripts etc which were written by confused, yearning men and women just like themselves; all putting their own interpretation on what they believe is true.

I believe there is only one Being who knows ALL truth. Most will not know this Being unless they are prepared to separate themselves from him&her. To see, feel and know this Being as an individual, as the true parent and creator of all of us! There is nothing random or chaotic in the creations of this parent, only the sin (missing the mark) and error that we as individuals bring to this world.  It is through our own ignorance and choice that we see destruction in a perfect world. We create, war, famine, pestilence etc. through our fear, greed and hatred. We create our own pain and dis-ease. It is through our choices alone that disorder, chaos and mayhem exist.

 Most of us are not even interested in stopping for long enough to observe this for ourselves! We shape the world around us through our arrogance of being at the top of the food chain. This arrogance is what brings destruction to an otherwise perfect world. Our hatred manifests itself in everything around us. Our world reflects the hate and fear we have. Animals kill & eat animals; they retaliate and destroy life because WE destroy life. The greater our fear and hatred the more turbulent nature gets. And yes it has been going on since the dawn of time.

But who am I to preach these words? I am but an observer who has desired to know the truth, see the truth and feel the truth! I don’t need you to agree with me or heed my words. My blog is a record of my growth. It is up to you to choose to read it and/or to believe it.

As I see it, we can continue to be arrogant and remain ignorant or gain wisdom through desiring truth. Why else have you bothered to read thus far let alone even come to this blog! There must be something in you that has sparked some curiosity besides a desire to discredit me! Hopefully it is because you desire to know a bit more about me!

The world is also full of wondrous things, true reflections of our great and loving creator. I believe it is our Creators desire that we learn more about him&her. And to hopefully desire to find out the truth about our creation and our purpose to bring forth more wonder, beauty and bliss to this world. That begins with knowing what is truly loving to all concerned.

I am comfortable with knowing when I am wrong or have harmed others, which includes myself. I accept change so that I may become more loving and have more love- in every way possible. And this I will learn from the one and only Being that knows more than I ever will. Hence I will always have more to learn if I desire it so. Love is as infinite as this Being. And yes I desire to follow in the footsteps of such greatness and love, and also to become an infinite being as a consequence. For where there is love there is no room for fear or hatred. They cannot exist in the same space at the same time.

So what is in your heart and is what is in your heart consistent? Are you one of the millions of hypocrites that change their beliefs to suit the situation and the crowd you are with? So again, what is in your heart? What are you prepared to give up to have this Divine Love?

I know I have lived in fear and have had hatred within my soul (and still do), but I have made a choice. I have executed my desire to know who I am and to know my creator, my true parent. I also know of the love of which I speak and I know it is there for everyone. It’s about admitting we can be wrong about anything and everything so that we can be open enough to seek truth beyond the known and the common. It’s your choice to seek this love or to sit there and have your chocolate cake, cup of java or glass of wine. It is through your choice that you will know the truth of which one is truly best for you.  So ponder this and let me know what you think: “To truly have your cake and eat it is to let go of the idea that you need to have your cake and eat it.”