Response to A Blogger’s Quandary

Ta-da! I am here. Yes I am still writing and I would have continued to write but not necessarily in the format of this blog.

Whether you have noticed or not, I try not to sensor my material of the emotional stuff that is currently part of me. My intention is to help people, to inspire them and to open up their minds to a different belief system that they may be used to. Previously I got caught up in avoiding my law of attraction rather than just tell my story, share my beliefs and let the reader be the reader.

Over the past few days I have been pondering about my life purpose, my gifts, my passions and my values. I had never before thought about amalgamating them. It’s a good thing apparently as it will guide me to my “Divine purpose” and I definitely want to know what that is!

In my heart I already know my Divine purpose, I have known for a while. I even presented a workshop in early 2013 which touched on it. It is because of my life purpose that one of my desires is “to learn to love myself”. It is preparing me to receive higher guidance and to the information which will be presented in future. These lessons in self-love in turn reveal more of my gifts while opening up my mind and softening my heart so that I learn even more about myself and life. Gone are all of the pretences, all of the facades and any illusions (a few more to go yet).

This is as real as it gets folks! Live now and don’t be afraid to learn about where it is you are going after you pass from this world, as this physical life is but a blink of an eye in the totality that is your existence.

I am once again inspired to inspire others! Follow me or follow me not, that is your choice. My journey continues whether there is one reader, millions or none. Cheers.

P.S. Please feel free to comment on any of my posts. I’d love to hear your thoughts.


A Blogger’s Quandary

In 2013 I wrote a number of posts for this blog but I didn’t post any of them and if you notice the date of the previous one you will notice a gap between then and now.

There is more than one reason to why I haven’t posted any of them. One of them was because of how others were misinterpreting my words. Is it my duty as a writer to have others to understand what I write or do I let them get their own meaning out of it? Heck, I wanted others to know what I meant by my writing and how dare they twist it so! Then on the other hand I remember reading passages in books which gave me insightful information and then years later when reading the same passage getting a totally different meaning from it. Maybe that is the sign of a good writer, for people to get some benefit out of it regardless of where they are on their journey.

Another reason was because I was becoming disillusioned by other writers and how I believed they were leading their readers down the “wrong path”.

As you may already see there were all kinds of emotions coming to the forefront. There was guilt, anger, shame and regret (not posting something and then someone else posting a similar story).

I originally began this blog to keep track of my growth over time but, at some point last year something changed. I could say it was fear but I feel it was due to my new belief that my growth didn’t necessarily need to be spread out over cyberspace. I am beginning to see that growth is a personal journey and I don’t need a moment by moment recollection for all to see.

Someone once told me that I didn’t have to share all of the gifts I received and I now know what that means. By sharing them without first enjoying them and letting them grow within me was like squandering lotto winnings. Some gifts not only need treasuring but also need to be nurtured to let them develop, to fully understand them and gain the most from them. Then and only if I wanted to, I could share them with others. It’s about discerning what is there to be shared and what is to be kept close…. just because.

I am still passionate about writing but at this point I am not sure in what form I would like to publish my life to the world. Am I ready to be a published writer? I almost feel like a fraud as I make statements that are what I believe to be my truth and my opinions, and not necessarily based on any credible facts. And if it was, why haven’t I bothered to note down its source:  And how credible is that source? It may well simply be someone else’s truth and opinion, and not based on fact at all. I am blessed with moral obligation to not lead my readers astray. I don’t want to merely repeat something I have read or heard, but rather to write through experience, to write my story. I’m not sure if I have honestly done that in the past. I am also over writing advice and telling people how to do things and how to live their life. I just want to write it as it happened and share “what I did”.

I am at a turning point, a time of transition. I ask myself……..

“Does my story need to be told at all?”