Simple Choices

I think back to my life before I began to desire to know God, without the religious connotations, and I marvel at my growth however small it my seem to me at times, it is growth nevertheless. I have spoken before on how truth can change as I grow and I see it more often. And once understood by the heart, it is noticeable in the world around me.

A few posts ago I talked about “The Divine Connection” I used words that made emotional processing sound like something you have to work at – and that is not the only post I said it in either. I now know this not to be so. The Divine Connection is about surrender and experiencing that surrender, as in those moments we experience – feel our self and God.

I believe there is great misconception about what God is. It would be easier to describe what God isn’t: Despite what the bible may say; God will not pick sides, tell anyone what to do – as we have free will to choose as we please. God will not punish us or send his/her wrath or angels to smite us. There is no vengeance or coercion. There is no favouritism and God will not do for us that which we should be doing for ourselves; God is not there to do it for us. (S)He will not save us – and neither will Jesus. Through our connection to God we will learn how to save ourselves! This was the message that Jesus came to share with humanity over 2000 years ago – and is still trying to share with those who choose to listen.

God will however, love us and answer prayers of the soul (not of the mind). For God so loved us that (s)he created laws that govern the universe and everything in it. The laws of ’cause and effect’ are a great example and work with the other laws. If we live within the laws in a harmonious way the effect is joy/happiness and if we live disharmoniously or break these laws the effect will be pain/unhappiness. Don’t believe me, look at the law of aerodynamics: ever known anyone who jumped/fell from the top of a skyscraper and came out unscathed? The laws don’t choose if you are good or bad – they are what they are. Or how many times have you overeaten knowing in advance that the result will be pain/discomfort. The laws are not punishment: They are boundaries of love and by crossing them we choose to not love (hate) ourselves or others in that moment. It’s not God that punishes us but we ourselves through our own ignorance and defiance. A sequence of simple choices can change our life.

It’s about love, it always has been. We can choose to remain ignorant and defiant or we can choose to stop hurting ourselves. It is up to us as individuals to stop our own suffering. It is our choice to love…. or to hate.


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