Who’s in your head?

What if 90-99% of the thoughts in your head were not yours!

Would that freak you out?

Would it be too hard to believe?

What exactly does that mean?

Regardless of your belief systems lets explore the possibility.

What does that mean?

As we think, we hear our thoughts as a voice. Right? Right! But what if those thoughts or that voice is not always ours. It isn’t our thought. It isn’t our voice – even though it sounds like it, as it is the same most of the time.

Who is it then?

Billions of people have passed over throughout history, all of them now in another dimension, for now let’s call it the spirit world – Our spirit lives on after our physical body dies. So now there are billions of spirits that can talk to us just like the billions that are still on Earth in a physical sense.

Why do they do this or pretend to be us?

Some spirits miss the Earth and the life and experiences that they had while there were here (including good and bad habits). Some we invited to talk through us in our sleep state – they are like friends we hang out with but are in spirit form. Just as we build rapport with people here we do the same on a spiritual level. Some guide and teach. Others like to control us to get the experiences they miss and act through us. They can purely be drawn to us due through similar ‘addictions’ or desires that we have. Through our choice to avoid ‘life’ opens the door to spirits living through us from time to time, hence the term, “he/she isn’t herself today”. We can also become ‘overcloaked’ (usually happens after a traumatic event) where we totally flip out and another spirit takes control. This is noticeable as great wisdom beyond the normal means of that particular individual or the opposite end of the scale and being totally reckless – or anywhere in between.

How can we avoid this?

The choice to be grounded at all times (in one’s body), so that you can experience the highs and lows of life and not run away when things get tough. Work through fears about spirits. Have a desire to see/feel what is truly there in a spiritual sense. Ultimately: Connect to God and self – have a desire to get to know yourself with God.

Did you know you can do this to other people on the Earth as well?

Generally in our sleepstate, but can be while ‘out of our body’ while awake, we visit others and act through them as through they were us – we may see it as a dream. We can be channelled by a psychic the same way spirits can be. Interesting hey!

Schizophrenic, bi polar and manic depressant conditions and even dementia are real – real spirits conversing to or through these people, sometimes more than one at a time. Mental conditions are not just due to a chemical imbalance in the brain (why is the imbalance there??). Yes these people may seem crazy to most, but they can be helped.

That is a brief look at the subject.

Something to think about!


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